Press E to e dit the boot, delete: Also what’s the easiest way to install graphics drivers? I have tried sudo apt-get install both ubuntu and kubuntu but it says that the package is unable to be located. The relevant output would be the lines starting with VGA. I am completely new to this operation system. Originally Posted by ShadowTek. Email Required, but never shown.

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I installed the latest Ubuntu to a 32bit server, it installed correctly, when it auto rebooted, I got a black screen and my monitor told me the analog resolution was not right, I tried everything to get the grub to open up, I held the shift, I got the “loading Grub” screen, but nothing else, I reinstalled this OS 4 times, still same issue, I am unable to get to the command prompt, I am at a loss and want to say to heck with it.

I noticed that Windows also detected some of these cards incorrectly as well. I have tried sudo apt-get install both ubuntu and kubuntu but it says that the package is unable to be located.

Another thought was is it easy to bugger up the OS by installing wrong drivers? Threepwood Senior Member Nov 15, I tried ati and r fglrx seems to crash but I still cannot increase the screen resolution to x, which worked under Hardy. It seems a bit unpredictable what number is required; 2 might work for one machine, and on a seemingly identical one you have to use a 112.04 value.

[SOLVED] ati rage xl (rev 27) drivers

Here it is; root thomas: I’m not sure about distribution differences, but this worked for me on Xubuntu 8. Threepwood Senior Member Nov 6, This is because whereas X used to be responsible for selecting resolution, these days the kernel does it. On xti fresh install 1.04 Lucid Lynx my best screen resolution was the x Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Might just work even with the “ati” driver. I can confirm that the nomodeset boot option fixes the problem.

Ati Rage XL 8mb PCI video card. – LinuxCNC

If it is not in the man pages or the how-to’s this is the place! This is a hell of an old card so maybe it can’t even run 3D screensavers. Unfortuneately it didn’t help, I added those lines exactly, but not the BUSid, don’t know exactly how to find that. Join Date Oct Beans 3. Anthony Brown abrown-unb said on What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

I have no idea how Ubuntu does this, whether they have a GUI or not, but change it to reflect the following: How can I see a list of drivers that are in my install of xubuntu?

Below is the Xorg. I still have not managed to get the grub screen upsuccessfully. There are no drivers on ATI’s site for that card that I can see, the legacy drivers are only windows, and the linux drivers listed don’t seem to include this thing.

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But make a backup and make sure that you are comfortable enough to restore the backup from the command line You can try to edit the screen section. Maybe all you need to do is to change the driver section from “ati” to “r”.

My monitor was “Unknown” and I provided the relevant data from the monitor’s documentation. Sign up using Email and Password. Sometimes if there are problems it’ll become evident there.

I will just wipe the program and fage the Windows Server platform. Finally, in theory -ati should run fine with no xorg. Before that I’d been trying to manually configure xorg. Joined Aug 27, Messages