Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the US and some other countries. DMesg reveals a tuner frequency out of range error. Initial support Astrometa T2hybrid – Patchwork , and so had little hope in linux support. Throughout you will see me mention the commands from both toolkits. Just to help anyone who wants to buy this stick, will tell what I’ve done. Hello, I just installed Kubuntu Is it possible for you to look at that code and verify if there are differences with your drivers?

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Installing this package can take a significant amout of time, from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the machine used. Hello, I just installed Kubuntu When I reboot the stick doesn’t tune again.

AVerMedia’s bttv cards are well supported and work out of the box. Or is the Dx23102 driver handling errors poorly? Pick linkx one that suits you best. Additionally, the kernel headers are also needed, this is the linux-headers package in recent Debian and Ubuntu releases, kernel-devel in Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, kernel-source in Mandriva Mandriva Spring requires kernel-devel instead and kernel-source in SuSE. I’m not sure how to combine the two in ffplay.

ALSA driver with improved support for Conexant chipsets

Join Date Nov Beans 5. That makes frame drops easy to see.

Throughout you will see me mention the commands from both toolkits. This goes for any USB video capture device.

Astrometa T2Hybrid

Results 1 to 3 of 3. Use the “top” command to monitor how much CPU ffmpeg is using and adjust the -preset setting to avoid using too much. With unstable video sources, like VHS, it is up to the software to make sense out of the garbage that is produced by this adapter. Thank fx23102 all for your support. The motherboard sound hardware is on “card 0” while the USB-Live2 sound hardware conexatn on “card 1”.

Generic packages with source Before installing this package, make sure that you have the gcc and make packages installed. November 24th, 3.

We can use v4l2-ctl to configure the device for NTSC like this:. I have searched Google and other forums for answers, but Conwxant have come up with nothing. Let’s check the audio with ffplay or avplay:.

AVerMedia – LinuxTVWiki

What is the format for this file? UBU and lonux not working Thank you, sandyd. I needed for T2hybrid. You can use “lsusb -t” to see how the various devices are arranged on your system’s USB busses:.

Kworld USB HDTV Tuner

ALSA’s arecord command can be used to list sound devices:. Can anyone help me to make it work in Libreelec? Successfully installed on Debian with appropriate conexat.

Make sure this matches the USB-Live2’s video standard setting or else frames may be dropped. Is there a template somewhere that I can copy for use in this file?

cx23012 Only Rtl works B Ubuntu Several of AVerMedia’s saax cards are also well supported. Mentions that dropped frames still happen.

You might be able to plug things in such that the USB-Live2 has its own bus.