Lowther Designs The Lowther designs show a single drawing from the complete set to give a potential constructor an impression of the enclosure’s complexity. Lowthers are one of the most efficient drivers in the world. No detail is missed and no degrading of the signal will occur due to unwanted coil oscillations while using these high efficiency speakers. The frequency range is so smooth, and so much more detail from the recorded source is reproduced, that an entirely new level of listening experience will be enjoyed. The smaller magnet also reduces the change of movement within the gap of the voice coil. Their unique design and performance are world famous.

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This twin-cone combination, coupled with an exceptionally strong magnet and a very light cone enables the driver to reproduce the full spectrum of audible sound and beyond.

Using the latest method of construction, the inner cone is now isolated from the outer. The A Series range utilises the extremely large and powerful magnet assemblies for which Lowther has always been renowned.

Full Frequency Range with Single Drivers? The Lowther Story

The usual and proper sensitivity rating is given olwther so many dB at one meter distance with 2. In almost every country in the world there are discerning music lovers demanding only the very best sound reproduction possible, these are Lowther owners.

This is very hard to do because it requires single drivers to reproduce the full frequency range, and Lowther drivers do it better than anybody else.

This results in an exceptional transient response, but with the oscillating factor reduced to an absolute minimum. For most people that makes them easier to listen to. Without some stabilizing device, pressures either side of the diaphragm assembly become increasingly unequal the lower the sound frequency to be reproduced. Rx the most remarkable feature is the very compact size and light weight, yet with a magnetic power which is 10 times greater than is possible while using conventional magnets.

Each model in the EX range incorporates an acoustic chamber precisely tuned for optimum performance.

The Lowther DX series tends to sound a bit warmer and more midrange-forward than the classic Lowther sound. XR stands for eXtended Range, and is the first speaker to dd the new DX65 driver to extend the capabilities of small speakers in multiple parameters: They have had many famous users and it is absolutely amazing how the sound gets under dxx skin. With a powerful lowtjer rated at 2Tesla and excellent 98dB sensitivity, the DX3 is a stellar performer and possibly the best value for money in the entire Lowther line.

The acoustic chamber fitted to the rear of these drive units requires that a compensating device be fitted to equalize the pressure.

The acceleration and damping factors are increased well beyond anything achieved in the past, even with the extremely large and powerful magnet assemblies for which Lowther has always been renowned.

Full Frequency Range with Single Drivers? The Lowther Story – Teresonic

Lowther drivers, used exclusively in Teresonic speakers, are hand-made by Lowther-Voigt Ltd in England. The sound image is wonderful, compact, sx aesthetically pleasing.

The effect of such powerful magnet assemblies coupled to the coil control system, increases the speed of the cones and yet has a truly remarkable degree of damping. Its contents include lkwther commentaries, industry personality interviews, specialty show coverages and music reviews. Teresonic dubs this version of its Magus mini-monitor the Silver XR.

In addition we are making it available to all existing Lowther users. The reproduced sound is cleaner and clearer with much better separation of musical instruments.

For the same reason the higher mid-range response is also greatly improved. As the driver is full range — no woofers, tweeters or crossovers are required. With sensitivity between 98dB and dB, Lowther 8 inch drivers are the most efficient in the world. The model shown to the left is the well known PM2A. Read more about Lowther history at: The latest EX series of drive units will completely transform all existing Lowther Loudspeaker Systems.

The control applied to the diaphragm eliminates the possibility of over extended oscillations when lother cones are moving forward.

So you really need to read the recent review of the Magus Silver DX The main function of the standard stabilizer is to reduce interference caused by opposite sides of the inner cone cancelling out sound waves at certain frequencies.

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Feel free to use either one. All units are rated at Watts.