The most aggravating problem is that it periodically stops recognizing discs. For those using older versions of Nero burning ROM software 6. Here are the specs: NEC supports their oem products just as they support their retail products hence i bought from them. I totally agree with Real Guru. It requires the least thinking and the least analysis of the problem at hand.

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Too bad that you have not only missed the point but also came several months too late.

Matshita UJD optical drive – Sony

I have a 1. I have a Matshita d. So, my opinion is that you should try to help yome users that seek help here in this forum first before judging others. So, if you mathita an Toshiba Laptop with a Matshita drive, you could only get a firmware update from Toshiba, and so on. Also, how do you check the firmware version?

Have you any idea how to make it region free? Here are the specs: No, it does not…. As was noted earlier, notebook drives as not as good as desktop drives. It reported a read error. Of course i found this out after i bout a 50 pack of em. Better use Nero Infotool matsnita gather firmware version of your UJs drive.

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-820S Firmware 1.70 download

My Matsushita did not have any problems recording on TDK x, but if checked some months later, the TDK content could not be played flawlessly. I totally agree with Real Guru.

The advice most often given or the solution used by amateur technicians and wannabe gurus is to reinstall the OS. Sorry to nag on you, but you should fix some spellings, grammar and really include commas in your post, beause its kinda unreadable as it is.

Nevermind that users have tons of data files to backup plus the time to reinstall drivers and tweak the OS to the way a user already had it set up. I took a closer look at the package and found that they had changed the speeds from 1x-8x to 4xx. The both had high error rates at the ends of discs and experienced playback issues.

I got a NEC and external case for use with my ThinkPad which only uses Panasonic drives cause they are the only ones who make the super slim drives. I burned it twice because I thought I had made a matshit.

Matshita UJS – CD, DVD and (Ultra HD) Blu-ray Writers – Club Myce – Knowledge is Power

Just google if you like. I have vaio with the same dvd drive from matshita ujD and it is blocked in region 2. The issues may be initiated by buggy software like InCD or 3rd part software, maybe. And last but not least, who wants something to achieve must put some self effort into it first, and not hoping for someone else doing this job… So, my matshira is that you should try to help yome users that seek help here in this forum first before judging others.

The first post e. In this case I have firsthand experience that reinstalling the OS will not fix this problem. I did not see any firmware update at the Toshiba Canadian site for the drive although they had one for the notebook. Can anybody tell me where to download driver for UJD?

Here is the list for their updates: I think Real Guru got his message across perfectly. Also, a firmware cannot ever fix some hardware issues.

I do ju belive the problem is Matshita, but a problem with Toshiba. In msconfig or any good burning software will tell you too. And I use it daily burning, etc. First, it is not up to you to judge about what I post, I believe.