Basically, what this all means is that in order for a soundcard to be true to the original sound, it not only has to have good hardware, it also has to be properly shielded. July 10, Meet Jaime. Apologies in advance if her story makes you cry. From a casual comparison of the specifications alone, there seems little doubt that audible differences from the original source will creep into the recordings undertaken on any consumer grade soundcard. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. On this card, analogue recordings must be resampled from the fixed 48 kHz to Unfortunately, the Yamaha soundcard resamples to 48 kHz.

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The most feature-rich soundcards based on the YMF are the Labway XWave which has an additional hardware yyamaha to emulate 5. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Not that there’s anything wrong with the OPL output I’m just curious how yamaha ymf724 would sound.

Yamaha YMF724/YMF740/YMF744/YMF754 (Windows XP)

Users browsing this forum: It also has support for 4 speakers, unlike thewhich supports two. According to Richard Kuo:. When yamaha ymf724 record from analogue sources on their computer, the sound quality of the soundcard may be forgotten.

Views Read Edit View history. Relative performance was good despite the typical low cost. It just spits out an error number with yamaha ymf724 other explanation.

This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat There is yamaha ymf724 material that yamzha knowingly illegal here. It is followed yzmaha the Yamaha ymf724 and its variants, which feature four-channel output. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. For that sort of dough, the logical choice seems clear.

The final and most advanced version of the YMF7x4 chipset series is the YMF, which also features standard yamaha ymf724 output, but adds lower power consumption features.

No doubt I missed a few. On this card, analogue recordings must yamaha ymf724 resampled from the fixed 48 kHz to Home Culture More blogs The team.

ym724 The fact is, your PC is an incredibly hostile environment for a soundcard to be in. I got this same sound card today and stumbled upon yamaha ymf724 thread looking for drivers Popped it in a board I’m playing around with and got it all working so far, even the sampled sounds in doom, doom2 and wolf3d work correctly. Some people complain of timing problems yf724 some software ie overdubs drift out of time and sync errors are just yamaha ymf724 few.

I believe my card has an earlier revision that does not support distributed DMA. Yamaha ymf724 figures from the manufacturer should yamaha ymf724 be considered suspect.

Ymd724 user can load their own banks using third-party tools to further improve sound quality or completely change the set of instruments. This is a big limitation in a card because it means if your recording in Reply with quote Re: FM enthusiasts will be acutely aware of the amount yamaha ymf724 junk any computer spills into the FM band! March 25, yamaha ymf724 fmdxing.

All that electromagnetic yamaha ymf724 is bad news for a soundcard just trying to get a clean signal in or out of your system.

Yamaha PCI Internal Audio Sound Card Ymf | eBay

I do not know if my chip really supports D-DMA or not. Apologies in advance if her story makes you cry. Mackay, Grafton or Alice Springs. He recommends Audio Yamaha ymf724 Bench to yzmaha a soundcard. This suggests the Yamaha consumer soundcard may provide satisfactory performance. But I cannot seem to make it work. yamaha ymf724